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Questions are fun

Keep them coming. Cheering up my night.

Are you religious?

Uhh not so much right now, more spiritual


Find attractive guy with beard who will cuddle & eat pizza with me while watching weird movies ,
then will let me ride his face..

Briana can I be your friend and/or lover? I promise I'll text you every day.

I usually would be creeped out, but this is kinda cute.


Always the same old story:
Guy likes me, I like guy,
Talk almost everyday,
Guy out of nowhere stops texting
Guy loses interest, I still like guy.


Someone to talk to would be nice right now…..

Today was just a really good day.
Very rare that I truly have one.
Nothing special happened,
It was just…nice:)

Meditating under the blood moon helped I think.. Lol